LampDance Dance Group Curriculum

LampDance Dance Group Curriculum

In 1995, Lampadinha created the Dance Group LampDancewhich had Maria de Fátima Valle da Veiga as its first choreographer.

The LampDance Dance Group collaborated, presented and participated in: the Cultural Activities of “Jornadas Internacionais em Educação do Vale do Sousa”, in Felgueiras, by invitation of the Superior Institute of Educational Science (1998); in the Lousada’s Municipal Auditorium, the Adaptation of the Ballet “Cinderella” (2003), in Three Acts; Excerpts of “Cinderella”: by invitation of the Educational Institutions: the Olival’s Cultural Centre, in Vila Nova de Gaia; Marco de Canaveses’ Fire Department Auditorium, for students of the Escola Básica 2/3 of Marco de Canaveses, on World Music Day; the Paredes’ “Casa da Cultura”, by invitation of the Paredes’ City Hall Social Service; in articulation with the Margarida Valle Dance Studio, in Oporto, in Estúdio 400 (2004); Vila Nova de Cerveira Dance Show, by invititation of Vila Nova de Cerveira’s City Hall (2004); in articulation with Gaia’s Dance Academy, in Vila Nova de Gaia’s Municipal Auditorium (2005); in articulation with the Colégio da Bonança de Gaia, “Convite à Dança”, in Vila Nova de Gaia’s Municipal Auditorium; in Paços de Ferreira’s City Hall, in the Dance Event, inserted in Vale do Sousa’s II Arts Festival, with the Ballet “Markitenka”, followed by various Variations: Solo Classics, in the Professor Vieira Dinis Municipal Library Auditorium, of Paços de Ferreira; Vale do Sousa’s Moto Club, in Penafiel, at the 8th Winter Concentration in the City of Penafiel, in the Exhibition Park of Penafiel; in articulation with Penafiel’s City Hall, in the Padre Américo Garden, inserted in the Municipal Calendar “Sentir Penafiel”, the open air Show “O Tempo da Dança, na Dança dos Tempos” (2006), in the “Noite Branca I, II, III, IV” organised by ADISCREP (since 2002), Evento Largo Volta/Larguito, in the streets of Penafiel (2015), “Serão 2015”, in the Lampadinha, among many others.

The LampDance Dance Group has participated in various Dance Contests and Festivals: Vila Nova de Cerveira’s International Dance Festival – “Dancerveira”, organised by Vila Nova de Cerveira’s City Hall and Associação do Eixo do Atlântico; The Algarve International Dance Contest – “Dançarte”, promoted pela Associação BCC – Beliaev Cultural Centre, Faro; Viana’s International Dance Contest, promoted by the “Casa das Artes” in Viana do Castelo, now called Norte Festival de Dança Viana, organised by Margarida Martins; LampDanceFestival 1; 2; 3, promoted and organised by Lampadinha, in the Penafiel City Park, with help of Penafiel’s City Hall; Oporto’s International Ballet Week, in the António Almeida Foundation and in Santa Maria da Feira’s Europarque.In Spain, in International Dance Contest “Dance in Vigo”, in the Congreso Mar Auditorium Palace in the Vigo, Caixa Auditorium in the Vigo, Garcia Borbón Theatre, in Vigo and in “Stars Dance Galicia”, in the Villagarcia de Arosa Municipal Auditorium.


International Dance Contest Participation: Individual and Collective 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 5th prize: “Best Female Dancer” (won twice), “Best Group” (won twice), “Best Choreography”, “Outstanding Choreography”, “Most Fun Choreography”, “Most Creative Choreography”, “Best Costumes”, “Best Choreography”, among others.

1st and 2nd Participation Prizes in The Algarve’s 1st International Dance Competition, “Dançarte” (2004), in Faro’s Lethes Theatre, 1st Place awarded to Inês Sousa and 2nd Place to Marta Matos. In Viana do Castelo’s International Dance Competition, in the Sá de Miranda Theatre, 1st Place awarded to Marta Matos and 3rd Place to Inês Sousa; In Viana (2005), The Award for Best Female Dancer given to Marta Matos, with Solo “Dom Quixote”; In 2006, Hip Hop 2nd Place (LampDance), the 2nd Place in Classical Dance was awarded to Adriana de Freitas, with Solo “Paquita” and the 2nd Place in Classical Dance, with “Bonecas” to Francisca Meireles e Maria Freire. Also in 2006, in the International Dance Contest “Dançarte”, in the University of Faro’s Auditorium, in Faro, Maria João Moura was awarded the 5th place in Classical Dance and Contemporary; In the International Dance contest of Viana do Castelo, in the Sá de Miranda Theatre, in 2007, LampDance took home the “Best Group Award”, 1st Prize in Jazz, with “Cats”, 1st Prize in Contemporary, with “Expressões do Mundo”, 2nd Prize in Hip Hop, with “Fusion Style”, won the 1st Prize in Character, with “Dança Húngara”; In 2008, won the 2nd Prize in Classical won by Bárbara Mendes, with Solo “Coppélia”, 1st Prize in Jazz with “Pinochio”, 2nd Prize in Modern, with “Rock” and 3rd Prize in Hip Hop; In 2009, LampKids won the 1st Prize in Character, with “Flauta Mágica”, 1st Prize in Jazz, with “Motoqueiros” and LampDance took home the 1st Prize in Hip Hop with “Step in Time”, the 1st Prize in Jazz with “Afro” and the 2nd Prize in Contemporary, with “Sopro”; In 2010, 1st Prize in Jazz with “Tango”, 1st Prize in Character with “Gopac – Dança Ucrâniana”, 1st Prize with “Árabe Dance – The Nutcracker” in Classical Ballet, awarded to Bárbara Mendes and 2nd Prize in Contemporary, with “Eco”, the LampKids with “I Will Survive” won the 2nd Prize in Jazz;In 2011, LampDance received the Best Group Awardwith“Moldávia”(Character),  In the Oporto Ballet Contest, which took place in the Fundação António Almeida and Europarque in Santa Maria da Feira: the “Moldávia” choreography also won the “Best Choreography Award”, in the 1st Pianeses Meeting, which took place in Lousada’s Sports/Gym; In 2012, “Moldávia” was awarded 1st Prize in Character, in the Viana/Porto International Dance Contest, as well as  2ndPrize in character, with “Pintainhos” awarded to LampKids; In Spain, in the International Dance Contest in Vigo, “Dance in Vigo” won the “Choreography Merit Award”, with “Burlesque”, Jazz Choreography  (2012); The LampDance obtained the Character 1st Prize with “Laços Latinos” and “Party” was awarded 1st Prize twice in Jazz and “Most Entertaining Choreography”, 1st Prize in Fusion with “Vibrações do Oriente” and “Best Ballerina Prize” awarded to Maria Freire (2014); In 2015, in the Galicia International Dance Contest, “Stars Dance Galicia” received various Prizes in “Most Creative Choreography”, with “Miscelânea” “Best Choreographers”, “Best Costumes”.

In 2007, LampDance collaborated with the book and most famous Portuguese Musical Theatre Company, in the Rivoli Theatre, in Oporto: The “Filipe La Féria Company”, in the opening of their musical “The Sound of Music”, in the Outdoor and Indoor Entertainment of the Rivoli Theatre and, in 2008, in their 500th Show Celebration of the same Musical at the Reception of the Guests and VIP’s.

Today, the LampDance Dance Group is guided by various specialists, in the diverse dance styles and aims to always evolve in and innovative and artistic perspective.

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