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Lampadinha (Littlehelper) – Began its activity on the 1st of September of 1984, in the Oporto District, Portugal, and has, year after year, been the object of great reforms in order to follow the educational and social changes up to this day. Lampadinha is a private educational, formative and artistic institution, in the fields of Dance, Music, Musical Expression, Drama, Theatre, Musical Theatre, Singing and Sound Production Techniques.

Lampadinha is characterised as “Supplementary Education”, where pupils carry out their normal school career, parallel to their artistic one from a very early age. We understand that the pupil consolidates their school knowledge in a more solid structural form, since they develop, also and in parallel, their talent with great pleasure and responsibility.

In Portugal, Lampadinha is registered in the C.R.C. with the Nº 852, published in “Diário da República”. Lampadinha’s headquarters is in the city of Penafiel, with its own facilities. Lampadinha Academy is fully integrated in the general prinicipals, ends, structures and objectives of The Decree Law 46/88 of the 14 of October and constitutes an important training in the enrichment of the curriculum activity, contributing for a better integral development of the pupil.

We intend to implement all our experience with former pupils, who are now dance, music and theatre professionals scattered all over the world (London, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Madrid, New York, Paris, Stockholm, among others).


Who we Aim

Littlehelper, is aimed toward children and youngsters who intend to begin their studies at the Artistic Education level: Dance, Music Theatre, Musical Theatre and Sound Production Techniques. Littlehelper carries out hard work, based on youth psychology and pedagogy which, in parallel, gives artistic training, from an early age, as well as stimulating its younger pupils in learning, playing and experiencing simply.


Our teaching is structured in levels that respect programs aimed at the group’s age group, keeping in mind the specific individuality of each pupil. This artistic formative conscience has an important role in the life of the pupil or it allows their personality to flourish freely, helping and preparing them to fulfil their personal, familial and social life role. The aim of our teaching is to create conditions that favour the free exercise of imagination, creativity, action ability, movement and assimilation based on an adequate structure so that these ends are met, year after year, in order to respect the needs and growth of the pupil.


We intend on creating ways of providing our pupils a more harmonious intellectual, motor and affective development and a greater sensibility and love for the Performing Arts.

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Lampadinha Academia de Dança

Address: Rua Abílio Miranda, 52

P. Code: 4560-501 Penafiel

Phone: +351 255 711 394 / +351 925 204 047

Email: lampadinhapenafiel@gmail.com

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